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How bad are holiday home guests?

When I was younger me and my family used to go to a holiday home down in Bude, Cornwall during the summer. The cottage was great and had everything we needed to have a great holiday, but one thing my mum always did was give it a good clean before we left, as she always said ‘leave the place the same way you would like to find it’.

Being a kid, I always thought way should we clean up after ourselves, surely the holiday home cleaners get paid for that, but as you get older it becomes second nature to tidy up and a way to be respectful to the owners. Well, it seems that some people didn’t have a mother that taught them respect after a survey by holiday home insurance provider Schofields ltd found that 73% of holidaymakers treated their holiday home worse than their own home.

Here are the bad behaviours that most people would do when staying in a holiday home:

  • Leave the heating or air conditioning on when they were out.
  • Hide of fail to replace broken items.
  • Leave the door unlocked when out.
  • Get fake tan and make-up on the bed sheets.
  • Fail to clean the house during their stay.
  • Use the dishwasher/washing machine more than was needed.
  • Allow their pets to climb on the furniture and beds.
  • Leave a spare key outside of the property.
  • Leave appliances such as TV’s and radios on when out.
  • Leave rubbish in the home when they leave.

Now, I’m a big believer in being respectful of other people’s property, but it seems not everyone is. It really is a sign of a declining generation.

Bude, a fantastic seaside resort

Bude, a fantastic seaside resort for the whole family

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What is going on with Tulisa’s face?

What has Tulisa done to her face? She used to look great, now she’s beginning to resemble Pete Burns.

Tulisa Contostavlos

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New Man Utd kit is growing on me, slowly but surely!

When I first saw the new Man Utd kit I was like ‘WTF’, but after looking at it for a few days it’s definitely growing on me. Yes the logo may be a little big but the reintroduction of white, black and red collar and cuffs is a great design choice.

I also like the simplicity of the new kit, no table cloth graphics like a couple of seasons ago or a gordy geometric design like Liverpool’s new away kit, the Man Utd kit looks clean and crisp. Let’s just hope that the players can do the shirt some justice this season after a terrible campaign in 2013-14.

I’d still like to see Van Gaal add another world class midfielder and a central defender before the transfer window closes, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

If you haven’t seen the new kit yet here it is:

man utd

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Forget what the weatherman says with the BloomSky personal weather station

If you, like me are frustrated with the weatherman telling you that it’s going to be a glorious day only to go out in your t-shirt and get soaked by a rain shower, then this product might just be for us.

The BloomSky personal weather station has an array of sensors that gives you real-time information on the weather, temperature, humidity and UV strength, and the best part is that it all connects to your smartphone.


Simply place the BloomSky personal weather station in the garden and check the weather instantly. Each BloomSky sensor transmits its location and all of its sensor information to a central network where users can check the weather wherever there is BloomSky transmitter, so as more and more people install these in their gardens the better the weather readings will be and the more location will be added.

BloomSky App

BloomSky runs on a rechargeable battery and can be fitted with a solar panel so it’s constantly transmitting the weather in its location. It also boasts a 170 degrees wide angle lens so you can actually see what the weather is like in real time.

BloomSky Icons

BloomSky is currently looking for crowd funding on Kickstarter and has already raised over $50,000 towards its $75,000 goal. If you’re interested in the personal weather station prices start at just $99 while the Kickstarter project is running.

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Heading to Majorca again this summer!

We’ve booked our summer holiday with the kids and have chosen to go back to Majorca. This time we’re heading to Camp de Mar and are staying in the Grupotel Playa hotel which has had some great reviews on TripAdvisor.

We’ve also hired a car which we will pick up at the airport and use it to explore some more of the island. Camp de Mar is approximately 30 minutes from the airport, so hopefully the kids won’t be too much of a handful.

We were contemplating using SendMyBag to transport our heavy luggage to our hotel for us, as we are using them for our skiing holiday next year, but because we’re going to do as much exploring as we can on our trip and the kids will undoubtedly want to an amusement park, hiring a car was the best option.

I can’t wait to have some time off from work and recuperate a bit, I’m sure my wife feels the same way. Six weeks to go :-)

MajorcaPicture: Carol Munro

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Luis Suarez – a great player, but a liability!

Luis Suarez looked like a player who had turned himself around since his ban at the beginning of last season, but as the world watched yesterday, he really showed that a leopard cannot change its spots.

After having one of the best seasons of his career with Liverpool last season and showing some great form in the World Cup so far, Suarez looked like he would become one of the hottest properties in world football with an array of European teams wanting his signature, but all that seems to have gone after he appeared to bite Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini during Uruguay’s win over Italy last night.

If Suarez is found guilty of biting an opponent (again), FIFA could ban him for up to 24 games or two years, and FIFA also have the power to ban him at club level too. I bet Brendan Rogers and a lot of Liverpool fans hope that it doesn’t come to that, especially as he is so vital to the team.

Being a United fan this reminds me of the Cantona days, a great player, but unpredictable and a liability. A part of me hopes that FIFA ban Suarez from club football too as he is undoubtedly Liverpool’s best player, but it would be a shame to see such talent on the side lines.

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E3 failed to live up to the hype

I enjoy watching the conferences at E3, but this year I was left very underwhelmed. Most of the developers pitches included things that we saw at last year’s conference including The Division, The Crew and The Witcher, which is nice but isn’t anything new.

That and the fact that EA still hasn’t got any decent footage of their new Star Wars Battlefront game, it made for a poor show. There were some surprises though, including a new Rainbow Six game called Siege, which looks awesome by the way (video below).

I suppose I was wishing for too much after last year’s console announcements and demos, but it does feel like the games industry has been crawling along since last year. The fact that a lot of the games featured last year are still not out and were featured again this year just shows you how long it takes to make a AAA game these days.

Well, at least there are a few games coming out at the end of the year to keep me occupied.

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DIY Wolverine claws – dangerous but cool

I love messing about on the internet and finding cool and interesting stuff, and nothing is more interesting than people who make their own crazy gadgets. Check out the video below of Colin Furze and his awesome Wolverine claws.

The self-confessed crazy inventor has already come up with a range of wacky ideas including a jet powered bicycle, jet engine BBQ and 60mph mobility scooter, but has shifted his attention to X-Men powers.

As well as his impressive Wolverine claws, Furze has also made Pyro’s fire control and a pair of Magneto boots to make himself walk upside down, what will he do next?

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Looking forward to the World Cup, Come on England!

Being English is quite hard sometimes especially when it comes to sports, because we aren’t really that good at it. Yes, we may have won the World Cup in 1966, but that is nearly 50 years ago and although we always seem to have a pretty decent team on paper, the team never really performs on the big stage.

That being said I’m excited to see what the current squad can do especially seen as a large majority of them are young and have limited playing time at a big tournament. This may bode well if the younger players play with no fear and produce some good performances.

It’s just under a week until England kick their World Cup off against Italy, and if everyone stays fit and puts in a good performance then we could well turn some heads this year.

Here is my starting eleven for the Italy game:

England Team

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First homebrew of the year is nearly ready!

I know what you’re thinking, it’s nearly June and you haven’t got your brew on yet, but the truth is it’s been too darn cold in the cellar to brew properly, I know I’ve tried. Two batches I did earlier on in the year had stuck fermentations and I had to put more yeast and sugar in them and bring them in the house and one of them still failed.

But now it’s warm enough to brew and I’m bottling up my first official brew this weekend. It’s a stout (as usual) because it’s really easy to make and in my opinion comes out better that Guinness Original, which is always a good thing.

The bottles are washed and I have my printed labels manufactured in the UK by DataLabel ready to stick on when their filled. The stout should be ready in a couple of weeks after its carbonated and should be around 4.7%.

Here is my recipe for a smooth stout for any budding brewers out there. Give it a try and see what you think.

Stout Ingredients:

  • 2.00 kg Maris Otter grain
  • 0.90 kg Flaked Barley
  • 0.50 kg Roasted Barley
  • 0.50 kg Dextrose
  • 0.50 kg dark malt extract
  • 35g Target Hops (boil 60 minutes)
  • 1 teaspoon Irish Moss (added to the boil with 15 minutes to go)
  • 1 pack of Danstar Nottingham Yeast


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